Q: What Does EasyACAS stand for?

A: It's an Automated Contract Administration System (ACAS) for fiber optics contractors. It's Easy. EasyACAS.com

Q: Are you affiliated with AT&T®?

A: No, we are not affiliated with AT&T® in any way.

Q: Do I have to give you my ACAS™ or ORCA™ password?

No. We have no access to your AT&T® accounts ever, and you do not give us your username or password.

Q: What are you doing with my data?

A: We only securely store your data for your own use. Your data is encrypted and not visible to EasyACAS staff or anyone else. We never share your contact information, track your activities, or view or otherwise access or share your data in any way. The data you enter is saved on the server and the app decrypts it and displays it to you — that is the only way your data is ever accessed or shared.

Q: What is required to get up and going?

A: Once you sign up, you can start using the system immediately. There is no IT work to be done on your side. You can securely login from any web browser using any computer, tablet, or phone. There is a 10 minute training video that covers the entire app. A new user can be up and working on the site in 10 minutes. It’s straightforward and simple. We have also posted a training video that covers ACAS™.

Q: Can I get a demo or a trial?

We don't do trials because we believe busy people won't commit to using the system if it hasn't cost them anything. We don't do demos because we don't want someone to look at our hard work and try to copy it without agreeing to our Terms of Use. We are confident that you will find the site extremely valuable. Sign up for the service and see how you like it - it's only a one month commitment.

Q: How do I contact you? What do I do if I have a problem?

A: We have a Customer Support System where you can submit any questions, concerns, or report any problems and that keeps you updated on resolution of the issue. The Customer Support System is monitored 24/7. You can also send a callback order for the Customer Support Team to contact you by phone if you prefer to speak with someone directly or have an urgent problem.

Q: Who are you guys?

We are a small group of software engineers who got together to create this service after learning about the challenges of ACAS™ while exploring opportunities to develop software for the telecom construction industry. Our team members have worked for NASA, US Armed Forces, Dell, Microsoft, and several Fortune 100 businesses. We are based in Austin, Texas and do not outsource any functions or activities—this website is 100% made and operated in the USA.

Q: What happens to my data if I pause or cancel my subscription?

If you choose to pause or cancel your subscription, you will be given the option of having your data saved in archived storage or fully deleted and wiped from our system. The archive option is helpful if you expect to return to EasyACAS at some point in the future.

Q: Why should I use this system instead of doing what I’m doing now?

Our system is seamless, integrated, accessible from the field, and covers everything from Locates to Change Orders to Damage Reports. If you’re using a spreadsheet or paper-based tracking system right now or you keep track of everything in half a dozen different ways, you know the limitations of those methods. EasyACAS provides an intuitive, simple, consistent, and comprehensive method for tracking every aspect of your AT&T® jobs.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Austin, Texas

100% written in Austin. 0% outsourced. Customer service team is 100% US-based.

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