Working with AT&T® has been made simple and easy. Finally there is a custom solution for tracking your AT&T® work.

Confidently track jobs, locates, and invoices, securely, using our exclusive technology.

AT&T® made Easy! ACAS and ORCA, by Contractors, for Contractors

Are your AT&T® Jobs overwhelming your office?

EasyACAS is the solution!

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The EasyACAS system makes the administrative side of AT&T® Jobs much easier to manage!

EasyACAS is a custom-built software app specifically for AT&T® Suppliers (and subs). 

Custom-built for the unique needs of AT&T®!

A Scalable Solution for SVA's

Handle Unlimited PO's & Locates

Statuses, Notes, Photos, & Files All in One Place!

Orca is COMING HERE: an App By SVAs for SVAs

262900+ lines of CWI data entry automated to date, and counting...

Why is it effective?

17,000+. That is how many lines of data entry we saved our first AT&T SVA Contractor within hours of activating their membership account.

The CEO was happy.

And no, at the time they did not have an alternate plan for getting management / operations / accounting tracking spreadsheets for their ORCA job work handled.

Because Management Spreadsheets

This is the "one thing" we care about: putting an updated spreadsheet in front of your eyes so your brain can spend more time actually managing the things that really matter to you and your business.

Automated data entry. Think about it.

An SVA told us: "We would like to be able to just upload a spreadsheet with all our ORCA work on it to an app somewhere, so we don't have to do any data entry." We got it done.

Our exclusive Orca solution offers untold key benefits when it comes to keeping the tracking spreadsheet for all your AT&T operations updated and correct.

Updating your Orca contractor business stakeholders using our Orca solution can be posted and reflected in a new tracking spreadsheet for your organization in less than 46 seconds, for instance.

All job costs actively tracked for all AT&T work. What's that worth to your business?

If it 1) costs money and 2) can be allocated to a job then = > yes, we have an app for that.

Why is it easy?

Our exclusive application enables cost-submitters to directly handle the data entry and photo uploads for all incoming AT&T ACAS and ORCA SVA work-in-process updates.

When the crews provide daily work updates, complete with expenses, usage, and photos, many Headquarters-Hours are thusly saved.

Picture requirements by line item? We handled it.

Users see what's needed so they miss fewer required uploads and less management following is required in the process of getting Orca-billable Tasks billed effectively.

Do you know the billing due date for each of your ORCA jobs? Our Members do...

While our members are busy not doing any of the data entry required by ORCA jobs, because our robots have it taken care of, we also add thirty days to the PO Completion Date so everybody can see when a given ORCA job is required to be submitted for billing.

Unless somebody in your organization is really good at spreadsheets, which is required to get a valid billing Due By date for each and every one of your ORCA jobs, there is no way to not miss billing deadlines.

Our members enjoy the ability to just see a job and know when the billing is due, easy!

Our Orca solution is easy to get started, easy to use, and easy to update

With the EasyACAS Orca app it is easy to get an updated tracking spreadsheet with valid Profit numbers, job status, and billing status, each Job and Task has its own line, and CWI Items are conveniently displayed with required quantities.

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Jobs Tracking

With EasyACAS you can track every aspect of every job from a single page.  With custom fields for AT&T® work requests and AT&T®-specific status tracking, finally there is a custom solution that fits the needs of contractors working for AT&T®.


Locates Tracking

Track all locates on a single page for all jobs.  Integrated with job tracking, our Locates Tracking System provides an ideal way to manage an unlimited number of locate requests.  Never have a locate expire out from under you.

Damages Tracking

Track damage claims from first report to final resolution.  Actively manage your damage claims for fast resolution.  Shut down claims before they turn into lawsuits.

Production and Payouts

Track your production and track your payouts on jobs.  Know exactly where your jobs stand, track profitability, and monitor payouts in real time.  Login securely from anywhere and see exactly what is going on right now.


Automated Data Entry

Entering new AT&T® jobs into the tracking system is as easy as copy-and-paste.  Open a PO, type Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V and load all the data fields from an entire work request into EasyACAS in seconds.

And if you want to load your old work requests into the system, we have developed a helper app to automate the process of getting your historical data from ACAS™ into EasyACAS… go back as far as you want and enter several years’ worth of work requests automatically in just a few hours without even touching your keyboard.

Reporting & Public Mode

Export reports for management.  Export reports for crews.  Click "Public Mode" to remove all dollar amounts from the dashboard.


Security and Encryption

We have over-engineered security features to ensure that your data is yours and will remain safe.  Your data is encrypted, and only you can see it.  You do not give us your ACAS™/ORCA™ password or username, and your article pricing is never in the system. 

Month-to-Month Billing
No Contracts
Cancel Anytime

We offer month-to-month billing with no contracts or long-term commitments.  We are confident that you will find our service saves far more money than it costs.

One-Click Excel® Reporting

Using Excel for data entry? Troubles with lost or overwritten data? Production reporting slow? Does generating a valid Ops/Invoicing spreadsheet take longer than 9 seconds?

EasyACAS delivers near-instant Excel; spreadsheets full of real-time information about your Jobs and Locates, no phone calls, no meetings, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

How? Your organization members update EasyACAS, EasyACAS generates a spreadsheet full of real, actionable information, quickly and securely.

AT&T® Contractors Love EasyACAS

  • "This is much more powerful than anything I could do with Excel." - M.W.
  • "Just with the better locates tracking and photos system, I've saved truck rolls." - J.T.
  • "I love having all the job info in the same place. It makes everything I do faster and easier." - E.H.

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EasyACAS is not affiliated with AT&T® or ACAS™ or ORCA™